Here I am!


I can’t believe I’m writing my first blog post. I have contemplated starting my own blog for a long time now and finally, HERE I AM. I was afraid I didn’t know what I was doing, finds out, I have NO clue.

First, you must know, I love food, like really love it. I know you’re thinking “everyone loves food” blah, blah, blah, but I don’t just love to eat… I love to learn about food. The culinary arts, to me, is one of the most beautiful forms of art. The whole experience of a meal amazes me. Of course I will also get down with a great slice of pizza, or 5 slices… same difference.

Second, I am a young adult really trying to make it out here in this scary world called adulthood. I am a full time waitress and manager at a restaurant that I love. Work consumes my whole life (well 50-60 hours of my life per week). I also am a college student, still not sure why I am, but I am. I want to rule the world, but not really, I just am very very indecisive and want to be a restaurant owning, lawyer who also does real estate and owns her own magazine company.. no biggie.

Third, I’m a wino… (As I continue to write this first post I am realizing how much of a basic bi**h I am…. but please I promise I’ll entertain!!) Anyways, I love to drink my wine. Because of my late hours at work, I don’t drink often… as long as you don’t find 3x  a week often??

Fourth, bare with me here. I have a food instagram, feel free to follow,  BUT this whole blogging thing is new for me, but I am really excited and I hope I can get at least of few of you to be too.


xoxo Matia Hayden