This is how much I do(nut) care about my diet


If you’re wondering if I ate every single one of these donuts, I will put you at ease and say yes, I ate 1 dozen donuts and I don’t even care.
I believe calories don’t count on the weekend (as well as Monday Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday) so I have no shame in my game💁🏼

I have this cute new craft donut shop in my town called Glazed Over, it’s in Beacon New York and it’s everything you think it would be and more. They even have a little window where you can watch the donut makers do their business (I think it’s intended for kids BUT I still watched in awe)

Some of the donuts I have here are a bacon maple donut (of course), peanut butter and jelly, maple almond, chocolate coconut, and vanilla fruity pebbles. There are over 80 combinations to choose from, and I’m convinced to get all 80.

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